Sad ending for rescued black bear in Bedford County

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – It’s a sad ending for a rescued black bear cub.

On Sunday, a Bedford County couple found the young cub on the ground struggling and unable to walk.

According to the Wildlife Center of Virginia, Karen Roberts, a local permitted wildlife rehabilitator, responded to the scene and was able to safely contain the cub that same day.

The day after being admitted to the center, the cub was willing to eat and move around in his crate, but wildlife rehabilitator Mac noted that the cub appeared to be weaker, according to the center’s website.

On Tuesday evening, staff found the cub seizing in his enclosure and quickly administered medication, which the cub did not respond to.

We’re told the seizures continued until the cub was anesthetized.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia said staff ran many diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the seizures, but no cause was revealed.

Officials said issues such as congenital brain issues or distemper carried a grave prognosis, and the vet team made the difficult decision to euthanize the cub to prevent him from further suffering.

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