Jury trial begins for man accused of killing his girlfriend in Franklin County

Heather Hodges was last seen in 2012, declared dead in May 2023

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – A jury trial is underway for the man police say killed his girlfriend in Franklin County.

Heather Hodges was last seen in 2012. Police say her boyfriend, Paul Jordan, reported her missing.

Hodges’ body has not been found, but she was officially declared dead in May. Jordan has been charged with second-degree murder and concealing a body.

On Tuesday, Hodges’ sister was the first witness called to testify, and several other friends of both Hodges and Jordan took the stand, saying their relationship was physically abusive on both ends.

Friends testified that they saw physical altercations between the two as well as bruises on Heather.

The courtroom also heard from law enforcement, Hodge’s sister, as well as April Montgomery, her friend.

“She wanted to be loved. She wanted Scooter to love her and not harm her,” Montgomery said.

The prosecution will be calling jailhouse informants to the stand. The defense argues that they’re not credible.

The trials slated to continue for three more days

Heather Hodges’ boyfriend indicted in her death, ten years after he reported her missing

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