Heather Hodges declared dead by Franklin County judge after being missing for over 11 years

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – A Franklin County woman, Heather Hodges, disappeared over 11 years ago.

This week, she was officially declared dead, even though her body has never been found.

Hodges was originally reported missing by her boyfriend at the time in April of 2012.

On Thursday, a judge in Franklin County Circuit Court declared Hodges dead after attorney Holland Perdue filed the petition on behalf of the Hodges family.

“I have not done one and I don’t know any attorneys around here who have so, but we went with the code section and filed accordingly,” said Perdue.

According to Virginia Code, in order to declare a person dead, they must be missing for seven successive years and have not been heard from.

Hodges’ sister, Crystal Songer released a statement to 10 News in response to the ruling.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of yesterday’s hearing. It’s the beginning of a long journey as we are battling to seek justice for this horrific crime against my sister.”

Crystal Songer

Although Hodges is officially declared dead, the case isn’t over.

Hodges’ boyfriend Paul Jordan II who first reported her missing, is currently awaiting trial for charges of second-degree murder and concealing a body.

The indictment came just a few days after the 10th anniversary of Hodges being reported missing, last year.

Jordan’s trial is scheduled to begin on June 13.

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