WEIGH IN | Nominate a tasty spot in Central, Southwest Virginia for Tasty Tuesday

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Is there a food spot you think deserves recognition? (Canva)

As a self-proclaimed foodie, finding a new restaurant that serves up delicious food is arguably one of the best feelings.

Sometimes it’s a spot you’d never expect and other times, it was one that was highly recommended.

In Tasty Tuesday, meteorologist Chris Michaels strives to find those restaurants you haven’t heard of yet — gems that are oftentimes hidden in plain sight.

Not only that, but he also hopes to highlight local restaurants that are deeply rooted in the community. After all, there’s nothing like food that is cooked with love.

With that being said, no one knows a community better than the people in it, which is why we want to give you the chance to put your favorite food spot on our radar.

Using the Hearken form below, nominate a tasty spot in Central or Southwest Virginia for a chance for it to be featured on Tasty Tuesday:

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