School leaders urge drivers to watch for stopped buses

ROANOKE, Va. – School bus safety is a priority as kids head back to the classroom. Local districts and their school resource officers said you can play a role in protecting our kids.

In Botetourt County, school buses are equipped with cameras so if you’re caught passing a bus that could mean serious trouble.

“Our goal as a school division and as a community should be to help our kids get to school safely,” Botetourt County Public Schools Communications Specialist Mike Moser said. “So maybe leave a few extra minutes early, slow down out on those roadways, and keep an eye out on those buses.”

This time of year, drivers should slow down for school zone signs as well.

Moser said you should be cautious all the time, especially as daylight saving time approaches.

“Light in the morning is going to be an issue,” Moser said. “So again look for those buses that are stopped loading or unloading children, and definitely be cautious when it’s darker in the morning.”

Ivy Colazo is a School Resource Officer at Lincoln Terrace Elementary. She said teaching your kids to follow school bus safety is essential.

“It’s very important for the children to not step off the sidewalk before the bus comes to a complete stop, and also that they are not horseplaying at the bus stop,” Colazo said. “Important that they’re using the handrails when they step up as well.”

Drivers that are caught passing a school bus could face hundreds of dollars in fines or even jail time.

“If you see flashing red lights or you see that arm come out from the bus with the stop sign extended, we need you to stop because it’s the law,” Colazo said.

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