Farmville man becomes viral country singer overnight with song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’

He’s beaten out stars like Luke Combs and Taylor Swift on the Apple Music and Spotify’s Top 100

ROANOKE, Va. – One Virginia singer-songwriter became an overnight sensation with a new politically charged anthem, even dethroning artists like Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen from the top 100 charts.

Oliver Anthony from Farmville, Virginia is making waves with his song, “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

“Certainly, know about him, I mean the dude has gone viral,” said 94.9 Star Country’s Brett Sharp.

Sharp said they hadn’t planned on playing the song yet, but after 10 News asked...

“We weren’t planning on playing it until we got a clean version, but after John Carlin and everyone said it’s going viral, we are deciding to play it tomorrow morning. I’m excited to hear what our listeners think,” said Sharp.

People online believe the song has conservative undertones, with themes of working-class Americans and frustrations with politics.

With lyrics like, “I wish politicians would look out for miners” and another song titled, “Virginia.”

“I think it connects, I think it hits home with a lot of people, especially since he’s kind of regional/local,” said Sharp.

Rich Men North of Richmond will air on 94.9 Star County on Thursday morning.

Sharp said caller 12 will win a bag of fudge rounds — a nod to the song.

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