Farmville native’s viral song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ debuts on 94.9 Star Country

Virginia singer-songwriter Oliver Anthony is rising to stardom with a new politically-charged anthem and is even poised to dethrone artists like Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen.

Thursday morning on Star Country 94.9, they debuted “Rich Men North of Richmond” to listeners.

Co-hosts Brett Sharp and Taylor Sherrill asked listeners to call or text in what they thought of the new song — and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“I was interested,” Brett Sharp, Star Country morning co-host said. “This is the first time I think a lot of our listeners have heard it ... I was surprised that every single call and everything single text was pro-Oliver Anthony.”

“What was really exciting was watching all of the texts come in, cause immediately it was just ‘love it’, ‘play more music like this’, ‘love that he’s local,’” Taylor Sherrill, Star Country morning co-host said. “It was just a lot of positive stuff.”

They say social media is to thank for Anthony’s quick rise to stardom.

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