String of break-ins in the New River Valley raises concerns

WYTHE COUNTY, Va. – Law enforcement in Pulaski County, Wythe County, and Bland County are warning people of an unidentified man breaking into homes.

“He’s mainly going into residences and taking primarily food,” said Charles Foster, sheriff of Wythe County. “No other items seem to be taken, but people like this can also be very dangerous.”

The string of break-ins started in August in Pulaski County.

Since then, he has been spotted in areas of Wythe and most recently in Bland County.

Foster said one issue they are having is people are not calling law enforcement when they see someone suspicious.

“They’ll see something, and they will not call the police, and that’s what we’re here for,” said Foster.

If you are concerned, there are some ways to deter individuals from targeting your home.

“Thieves don’t like light, so having a house with some outside lights is always a plus,” said Bryan Bard, a lieutenant of the Wytheville Police Department.

Bard also said during the daytime, keep your blinds open.

“They don’t want to break into a house with all the windows open because the neighbors may see someone in the house that is not supposed to be [there],” said Bard.

Officers also said there is one item that is the most helpful deterrent.

“Ring cameras, they’re good to have as well as blink cameras on your home,” said Foster. “It’s great to have video around your home, that way we have pictures we can go by.”

Officers said if you do get home and see something out of the ordinary, get out of the area and immediately call 911.

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