Lord Botetourt High School students mourn the death of their best friend

Virginia State Police said Jaycob Sorrells died after a motorcycle crash

Botetourt – An 18-year-old Lord Botetourt senior is being remembered by his best friends after he died in a motorcycle crash early Saturday morning.

Virginia State Police said Jaycob Sorrells died after his motorcycle ran off the side of the road into a ditch on Sanderson Drive.

10 News spoke to his closest friends about the impact he had on their lives.

“It’s just hard to believe. It don’t feel real, still to this day it don’t feel real,” Cameron Ferguson, one of Sorrells’ friends said.

“His whole life, he’d been racing dirt bikes, four-wheelers, anything that had four wheels and had a motor and two wheels and had a motor, he was racing since I can remember,” Dylan Price, another friend said.

Now they want to share the legacy of their best friend.

“We’re all gonna stick together and keep his legacy alive, always staying upbeat and happy,” Ferguson said.

They thank Sorrells for bringing the three together for a long-lasting friendship. They recalled special moments in school ... from welding class ... to a chance meeting in the lunchroom.

“I remember one day I was just sitting at lunch and I saw him and I wanted to go talk to him. we have become friends since then,” Issac Nichols, another friend said.

What they’ll remember most, is the way he lived life to the fullest – something they want to emulate.

“Always keep focused and always have a good time. that’s what Jaycob lived by,” Cameron Ferguson, his best friend said.

Botetourt County Public Schools released a statement to 10 News, which read:

“This is a particularly tender time for Lord Botetourt HS students and staff. Celebrations of Jaycob’s life will happen naturally throughout the school year and will be in collaboration with his family and friends. School administrators held a staff meeting Monday morning to discuss the school’s united response for today, this week, and moving forward. Each person at the high school will process and grieve in their own way, and our tremendous counseling and administrative staff are devoting the necessary time to support this effort. Their services are not limited to a specific timeframe; they will be available whenever needed. Our deepest condolences and prayers for peace are with Jaycob’s family, friends, and loved ones.”


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