Roanoke Police continue to investigate reported incident of indecent exposure to a child

ROANOKE, Va. – Police are still investigating a reported indecent exposure incident that happened at a bus stop Monday morning.

Roanoke City Police said this is the first report of indecent exposure that has happened this year, but that doesn’t mean they are taking this report lightly.

“We take every one of these very seriously, we don’t want to have someone out there exposing themselves in a heinous manner especially, to anyone, to our children to any of our civilians,” William Drake, Sgt. of the RPD Special Victim Unit said.

Police said because this happened in a residential area there was no surveillance video to confirm the incident happened, but they’re still looking for evidence.

“There are some ring cameras in the neighborhood, so if people have ring footage we have gone and canvased and tried to knock on some of those doors and haven’t gotten responses yet. If someone has ring footage from this incident, we want it,” Drake said.

Police are increasing patrols at this specific bus stop and others to add another layer of safety for students.

“We have been working with our community response team and our traffic safety team to increase patrol and presence at our bus stops,” Drake said.

He said it’s possible there could have been more incidents like this, but many go unreported. He now hopes if there are more victims, they come forward.

“If you have had indecent exposure or rude comments or ‘Hey, come over to my car’ anything out of the ordinary, we want that reported,” Drake said.

Police said that if you experience something like this to call 911 or report it right away.

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