Roanoke City leaders react to first fatal shooting in almost 40 days

Ceasefire: Victory in the Valley initiative streak is now broken

ROANOKE, Va. – After almost 40 days without a fatal shooting in the Star City, one happened on Hunt Avenue early Thursday morning.

This breaks a streak without gun violence after the new initiative “Ceasefire: Victory in the Valley” set a 30-day or more goal without gun violence.

City leaders said they’re not going to let the latest fatality discourage them from the progress they’ve made.

According to police, the homicide call came in from an apartment complex off Hunt Avenue around two a.m.

Police believe the shooting that killed one man and injured two others is an isolated incident.

They detained several people on the scene, who were taken in for questions. However, no one’s been arrested.

City leaders said they’re disappointed the streak without a fatal shooting was broken and they’re saddened for the victim’s family.

“It’s a wound to our city, it’s not only a death, the loss of a loved one when we think about the ripples of that, it’s the people who loved that person,” Roanoke City Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb said.

Just last week, police said they’re not sure how, but there’d been a decrease in violence.

“Something’s working,” Roanoke Police Capt. Jennifer Boswell said. “I don’t have one answer for you, I really think it’s all the work that everyone is doing.”

City leaders agree it’s been thanks to the work of many people.

“The community is getting more involved, a lot of activity, people having prayer vigils, people are meeting, RESET group going out in the community,” Roanoke City Mayor Sherman Lea said.

“I’m encouraged that as acts of violence are occurring, more people are sharing information,” Cobb said.

Yet, there was one more life taken on Hunt Avenue Thursday morning.

“I am disappointed but not discouraged,” Lea said.

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