Danville Police honor Chief Scott Booth as he gets ready to take on Roanoke

In less than a week, Scott Booth will take on his new leadership role in the Roanoke Police Department

DANVILLE, Va. – Police Chief Scott Booth’s days in Danville are winding down as he gets ready to become the next chief of police for Roanoke.

On Thursday, the Danville Police Department hosted a farewell ceremony to honor and thank the chief for all the hard work he’s done the past five years in the department.

Police, city, and community leaders all spoke during the ceremony on the legacy Booth has left in Danville.

At one point, Danville had the state’s highest homicide rate per capita. Booth was able to mark a 35-year low in all crime in just two years on the job.

“Chief, I love you and I don’t want to see you go. I do know also that the city of Roanoke needs you and chief you are going to outshine the star of Roanoke,” Pepper Smith said.

Chief Booth is ready for his next challenge in Roanoke, a city faced with a record amount of homicides so far this year.

The Danville Police Department is confident that even with Booth’s departure, they can continue to grow their relationships with the community.

“We commit to you and to our community that we will honor your legacy by continuing to partner closely with our community and to hold each other accountable,” Deputy Chief Chris Wiles said.

Booth will be sworn in as Roanoke’s police chief on Tuesday. He wanted to say one last ‘thank you’ to his team during the ceremony.

“For the women and men of this organization,” Booth said. “Thank you for allowing me to lead you. Thank you for making me better. Thank you for making this community better.”

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