How to prep for wintry weather rolling into Southwest Virginia

Roanoke – With some winter weather on the backside of this storm, roads may start to freeze over as the temperatures drop.

The potential for freezing temperatures is high. Having your car stocked up with emergency essentials, like a blanket and some jumper cables, through winter weather should be a priority.

“Jumper cables, a flashlight [and] some small tools in case you need them, but for the wintertime you also want to make sure you have some items that could help you get out of an issue if you’re stuck on ice or snow or alongside the roadway there,” Morgan Dean, Mid-Atlantic Spokesperson said.

With lots of rain and the chance for roads to freeze over, AAA said to slow your speed down and give some distance between your car and the person in front of you.

“Increase that following distance. If there is a problem with the vehicle in front of you, say they hit some water on the roadway and begin hydroplaning it or spinning sideways, you want as much space as possible to be able to stop,” Dean said.

One of AAA’s motto’s is turn around don’t drown, which they say this when it comes to flooding.

It’s impossible for drivers to know how deep the water is.

“6 to 12 inches can wash away a car. 12 inches to 2 feet can washaway most trucks and larger SUV’s and once that vehicle starts to slide in that water it’s going to turn into a boat at that point,” Dean said.

We are told the bottom line is stay calm, drive slowly, and keep your emergency kit packed and in your car.

AAA said having something for traction like salt, sand, or cat litter can help if you get into a sticky situation as temperatures drop and roads start to get slick.

VDOT told us Christiansburg and Blacksburg areas, as well as Pulaski, Floyd and Giles counties will all be full crews tonight beginning at 7pm. This is for monitoring and watching roadways.

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