Heads up: New laws taking effect Jan. 1

Governor Glenn Youngkin signed more than 600 bills in 2023. While a majority of those go into effect in July, several of those bills start impacting Virginians on January 1.

10 News is working to break down the ones that are most likely to impact you.

Virginia teachers are getting a pay raise.

As a part of the 2023 amendments to the Virginia budget, public school teachers and employees in Standard of Quality funded positions will get a 2% raise.

This is on top of a 5% raise lawmakers approved in each year of the current budget for a 7% raise altogether.

Moving onto healthcare, there are several key changes to keep in mind.

Virginia is now a part of the Counseling Compact or an agreement between states that allows counselors to practice in multiple states. It allows counselors who live in at least one participating state to practice in other participating states.

This means if you want to receive online counseling from a counselor living in another state, you can do that, even if they aren’t licensed in Virginia.

Another healthcare bill is geared toward minors. Senate Bill 1003 requires that health insurance providers provide coverage for hearing aids for children under 18 when it’s recommended.

This coverage includes one hearing air per impacted ear every two years up to $1,500.

And finally in healthcare, the General Assembly worked to make sure of better continuity of care when a provider is removed from a health insurance panel.

It means that if your doctor, or other provider, is removed from your insurance coverage, your insurance must notify you before they are removed.

And if someone is removed, you can still receive care from them for at least 90 days if you’re pregnant at the time, have a life-threatening illness, or if you were admitted and are receiving treatment in an inpatient facility.

The General Assembly is making it easier for veterans to claim tax exemptions.

They first introduced a state tax exemption for veterans in 2022, but it was only available for people over the age of 55. Now, those age restrictions are gone, meaning veterans of any age can claim their tax exemptions.

One more law change that we’ve already told you about has to do with marijuana.

As of January 1, the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority takes control of the Commonwealth’s medical cannabis program but recreational sales won’t happen quite yet.

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