Montgomery-Radford-Floyd NAACP hosts MLK celebration

Blacksburg – It’s almost MLK day and celebrations are starting early.

Dozens of people gathered in the Church on Main in Blacksburg to honor Dr. King on Sunday for an event hosted by the Montgomery-Radford-Floyd NAACP.

From singing to praying, everyone honored the civil rights activist and reflected on why Dr. King’s legacy is so important.

“It’s very important that we continue these celebrations, because we need people to understand the contributions that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fought for and the things, he did to bring us together and to remind us that we are here to serve others,” Debbie Travis, President of the Montgomery-Radford-Floyd NAACP branch said.

Guest Speaker, Tameka Paige spoke about the overall theme: Inspired by the dream, it starts with me building a beloved community.

“Before we can be a beloved community, we must have love for oneself,” Paige said.

Touching on topics that push communities from being and building a beloved community.

“How many of us now pass by an accident on the side of the road and simply say, ‘I sure hope they are okay,’” Paige said.

The celebration is also a way to educate the younger generation.

“We think it is very important for people to continue learning about Dr. Martin Luther King and for those young people who may not know him as well, for them to learn more about him,” Travis said.

An over 20-year tradition to honor and remember a civil rights leader.

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