Officials give latest updates on Randolph Park Pool

DUBLIN, Va. – Back in May, a woman accidentally burned down the entire pool house, closing the pool for the entire summer.

“We got to do right by the Pulaski County community and not just build for 2024, but build for the next 20 years, and make sure this facility meets the needs of parks and recreation,” said Shay Dunnigan, Director of Pulaski County Parks and Recreation.

Since then, officials in the county have been working to set a plan to bring the community pool back.

“We’re trying to make sure this is built properly,” said Dunnigan. “Right, for all ages. Youth, adult, seniors—so we can capture more than just opening up a pool.”

He said the plan for 2024 is to make this place look brand new. They are going to start by replastering all the pools.

“We want to make sure the longevity for the next 20 years—that the pool is safe, fill in all the cracks, upgrade our shelter,” said Dunnigan. “We’re going into 2024 to build on that and invest in those things as we build back here.”

While people might not be able to ride down the awesome water slide this summer, officials said they are hoping the park will be open better than ever in 2025.

“Goal for 2025 is to be open and operating,” Dunnigan said.

He said they also plan to hold similar events like last summer to supplement the loss.

“We completely understand that this pool behind me is a huge asset to the Pulaski community,” said Dunnigan. “We’re still going to provide high-level programming and activities that bring people here to Randolph Park.”

Dunnigan said they have finalized their insurance claims and now are working to get crews out starting this year.

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