Former Lynchburg Waffle House manager speaks out following shooting

LYNCHBURG, Va. – For the first time, a former employee of Lynchburg’s Waffle House on Wards Road is speaking out after a shooting at the location last month.

The shooting left two people injured, including a 74-year-old security guard, who was shot in the face and survived.

“I just had a server of mine the other day tell me that sometimes if a chair is slammed everyone in there jumps and looks around and it still bothers them,” Timothy Wright, a former manager of the Waffle House said.

Wright said just this week he was let go after turning in his 30-day notice. He said he wanted to leave his job after seeing how his employer responded to the shooting.

“I don’t really even recall them really even checking on them at the time,” Wright said. “Matter of fact my people were expected to work the following night and did.”

Wright said the Waffle House was open by around noon the next day.

“We cleaned up teeth,” Wright said. “It was messy, and it was nasty, and it was hard to do, and we had to finish knocking out the windows.”

Since then, Wright said business has slowed, and the tips have stopped coming in for his employees.

“It’s a hard sight for people want to come in and sit down in the restaurant and eat,” Wright said. “We took a loss in sales all the way across the board.”

10 News reached out to Waffle House corporate to ask them about Wright’s claims and have not yet heard back.

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