Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days returns to original location after change in ownership

MONETA, Va. – After months of uncertainty, Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days will be returning to Crazy Horse Marina.

The marina, now named Goodhue Boat Company at Blackwater after it was purchased by new owners earlier this year.

Previously, the organizers of Pirate Days said they were moving the location of the event after a change in management at the marina.

“That information did not sit well with a lot of lake residents. Pirate Days tried to take the side of the majority, and not have the event there because of the decisions that were made,” said Commodore of Pirate Days, P.J. Nagel.

Nagel said they tried looking for a new place to host the event, but nowhere else on the lake was feasible, bringing them back to Goodhue.

“We went back to Goodhue and under new terms and negotiations, were able to get them to allow us to come back to their property,” said Nagel.

“Nothing will change for the property or the way the public will perceive the event,” said Nagel.

Goodhue’s Chief Operating Officer, Cody Gray said the two groups straighten out questions about liability and insurance for the event.

“It took us a little time to get all the details worked out and just a clear understanding of who was going to take on what roles and responsibilities, making sure everyone was covered from a liability standpoint,” said Gray.

Now, both parties seem excited to carry on the beloved event.

“We think it’s going to be an awesome Pirate Days this summer and we are very much looking forward to it,” said Gray.

Pirate Days will invade Smith Mountain Lake on July 19 through July 21.

A full schedule of the weekend’s events can be found, here.

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