Lynchburg sees lower voter turnout than predicted

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It’s the big day for candidates in the Virginia primary for Decision 2024, but the Lynchburg Registrar’s Office said voter turnout has been lower than expected.

Election officials predicted a 10% voter turnout at the beginning of the week, but by Tuesday around mid-day, they said less voters came to the polls, so they’ve decreased their prediction to 5%.

There are 18 precincts in Lynchburg.

Races in the Hill City include spots for the House 5th district, the U.S. Senate and city council.

10 News spoke to some voters at the polls to find out their reason behind showing up and making their voices heard.

“It is kind of a mess right now in this world of ours,” voter Marion Austin said. “I want better, and I believe the people that I’m voting for are better.”

“I came to vote because local elections are the most important election that anyone can vote in,” voter Brandy Gibbs said. “Our communities depend on having strong government leadership.”

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