Progress being made on Bedford Middle School redevelopment project

BEDFORD, Va. – Progress is being made on the Bedford Middle School redevelopment project.

The former school is being turned into 60 apartments and 30 hotel rooms after it was intentionally set on fire back in 2020.

After supply chain issues, price increases and other obstacles causing delays, the project is back on track, according to Waukeshaw Development’s President, Dave McCormack.

The apartments are expected to be complete by the end of this year, and the hotel in the spring.

“We are sheet rocking right now, which means most of the mechanical, electric and plumbing has all been installed. At that point, you are on a downhill slide, so a lot of the hard stuff is behind us,” said McCormack.

The property has also been renamed to Flora and Fauna, with Flora referring to the apartment side and Fauna to the hotel.

Pre-leasing for the apartments could begin as early as this fall.

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