President Trump bashes ‘crazy’ Gov. Northam, teases big Virginia rally, endorses Bob Good

Trump said Good will be a terrific congressman for Virginia

(Alex Brandon, Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

Early voting started in Virginia on Friday and President Donald Trump has tweeted who he thinks should win one of the state’s races.

Trump tweeted his endorsement for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District Republican candidate Bob Good, along with his opposition towards the current governor, Ralph Northam.

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The president said Good will be a terrific congressman for Virginia and that he has his “complete and total” endorsement.

Trump explained that he and Good have similar views on topics like the economy, law enforcement and the Second Amendment.

In other tweets, Trump referred to Northam as “a crazy governor who wants to take away your guns” and assured his followers that he is playing for their guns and values.

“[Northam] is in favor of executing babies after birth - this isn’t late-term abortion, this is a step way beyond!” tweeted Trump.

The president finished his series of three tweets by saying that he will announce a big rally somewhere in Virginia soon.

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