Virginia Education Association says Gov. Youngkin’s tip line is designed to intimidate educators

The governor set up email for parents to report divisive practices in schools

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s tip line is getting pushback.

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s tip line is getting pushback.

It’s an email address created for parents to report “divisive practices” in schools to his administration. One of those practices includes teaching Critical Race Theory, something the Governor’s executive order banned from curriculums.

The Virginia Education Association said that this reporting mechanism is targeted at Virginia educators and is adding more scrutiny.

“This hotline has done nothing but created chaos and division throughout the Commonwealth. It’s designed to intimidate educators who are just trying to do their jobs,” said VEA President James Fedderman.

The tip line is also getting criticism from some celebrities.

Singer John Legend tweeted, “Black parents need to flood these tip lines with complaints about our history being silenced. We are parents too.”

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