Which school districts will be making up snow days in southwest Virginia

By Irisha Jones - Reporter

ROANOKE, Va.- - For some school districts like Roanoke County makeup days are on the horizon because of the snow or cold weather.  

The school board will decide Thursday if students and staff will be in class on Memorial Day.

But that's not the only district looking at how to meet the required instructional hours. 10 News has gathered information from schools in southwest Virginia.

Covington City Schools have missed nine days so far. The superintendent said the board will be making a decision soon about makeup days.

Alleghany County Public Schools missed 11 days during the second school semester. At this time students will need to make up four days at the end of the year on May 18, 21, 22, and 23.

A spokesman for Roanoke City Schools said: Since Roanoke City Schools have a longer school day, we typically meet the minimum requirement of hours needed each year. So at this point, we haven't scheduled any makeup days because they are not needed.  

Bedford County Schools converted two planned conference days on Feb, 5 and March 16 into regular school days and right now they're not in danger of having to makeup time.

A spokeswoman for Lynchburg public schools sent a statement saying, "We have time built into our calendar to account for snow days. Should we ever be in a position where we need to make up days we would let our staff and families know."

A spokesperson for Montgomery County Schools said, "At this point, we don't anticipate having to make up any snow days. We have six days built into our school calendar. We are over that number, but still have more than the required instructional hours left in our school calendar."

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