3 reasons why education centers could be a model for the future

Adult learners can have options and opportunities at education centers

Courtesy photo. (Roanoke Higher Education Center)

There will be an Open House at the Roanoke Higher Education Center on June 2 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., which will give people an opportunity to learn about certificates and other programs of study offered at the Center.

Higher Education Centers are places where learners can experience opportunities and advantages as they look to gain new skills.

Here are three benefits that organizations such as the Roanoke Higher Education Center offer.

1. Access to many academic institutions in one location.

Higher education centers can partner with colleges and universities throughout a state or region to offer programs in one location.

For example, the Roanoke Higher Education Center has partnered with Virginia Tech, James Madison University, Radford University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Western Community College, among others, which offer courses and programs for people to enroll in and take at the center.

“Although you are attending classes at a higher education center, you apply and become a student at the college/university of your choice,” said Carla James, senior director of academic and student services. “You will pay their tuition rate and you will earn your degree from that institution.”

2. A diverse selection of classes and programs.

The Roanoke Higher Education Center offers more than 200 programs of study through its member institutions, so it has just about something for everybody. Students are able to also take both undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as job-training programs.

“There are face-to-face, hybrid and online delivery options,” James said.

3. Little to no travel.

Gas prices are insanely high right now, correct?

Well, places such as the Roanoke Higher Education Center allow you to attend an institution without having to drive to that campus.

Anyone living in the Roanoke area can attend classes without having to go to those campuses or worry about access to student services.

“We have a full-service library, testing center, student success center and computer labs,” James said.

For more information on the June Open House, visit the Roanoke Higher Education Center’s website.