New coach helps bring excitement to Ferrum football camp

FERRUM (WSLS 10 SPORTS) - Ferrum football camp has a new ring leader this year. Rob Grande took over the Panther's program in December and is still soaking in his new role.

"Well it's exciting, it's been something I've been working for my whole career to have the opportunity to be at a great school like this and merge my family as we move into the region and that's exciting for me," said Grande.

Athletes from sixth grade to rising seniors were welcomed to Adams Field for the 3 day camp, where the Ferrum coaches, players and others collegiate athletes and coaches teach everything from basics of the game, to good work ethic.

"Just kind of an opportunity in June to get some kids out to work on fundamentals and expose them to the campus. You know, a lot of kids in the region haven't been to Ferrum and if they haven't been here in the last five years there's a lot of changes."

Camps like these are an opportunity for rising seniors to get more face time with coaches, and also to be able to check out the facilities.

Cade Rouse, a Rural Retreat senior is among those players who are looking to play at the next level.

"I know Coach Grande and he invited me and I came down here for a visit and I saw the facilities. I really liked it, it's fairly close to home so this is definitely a school that I'm thinking of to go to," Rouse explained.

"Anytime you get people to your campus, in the dining hall, living in the dorms, interacting with your staff, using the facilities whether they know it or not they're learning things about Ferrum," Grande added.

For Rouse and other seniors, summer football camps can make the recruiting process less intimidating and make the college feel more like home.