Tonight's Titans-Steelers game on NBC will look different. Share your thoughts on the SkyCam

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Photo/Getty Images

NBC will broadcast tonight's primetime Titans-Steelers game from a new perspective using SkyCams to create a video-game-like view of the action. 

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The experiment, which is getting more attention than the key AFC matchup itself, is rooted in a Week 7 Patriots-Falcons game where fog forced NBC producers to almost exclusively use SkyCams to show the game. Viewers responded favorably to the view, and now NBC will try it as part of planned coverage. Traditional views will be mixed into the broadcast. 

Here's an explanation from NBC: 

NBC’s “dual” SkyCam coverage received widespread acclaim from viewers when it was pressed into action due to fog during NBC Sunday Night Football in Week 7. In that game, the Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl LI rematch on October 22, fog rolled into Gillette Stadium late in the first half. After halftime, SkyCam technology provided the best camera angles to offer consistent and clear views of the live action.

SkyCam was also used early in the third quarter of this past weekend’s Sunday Night Football game (Raiders at Dolphins on Nov. 5) as residual smoke from halftime fireworks obscured the traditional camera angles.

NBC says viewer feedback will help determine if the SkyCam angle gets wider use, or is limited to special occasions in favor of more traditional views. The Ringer has a good breakdown on strengths and weaknesses of the new camera. 

Here's a glimpse of the SkyCam in action during the Week 7 game: 


Did you like our SkyCam "Madden-style" view that was featured in Week 7 during the fog?

Get ready for it to be the primary camera angle for @Titans & @steelers Nov. 16 on #TNF! https://t.co/ZxBfQ55NsX pic.twitter.com/lfHNU7q4Zl

— TNF on NBC (@SNFonNBC) November 9, 2017


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