Kyle Petty stops in Danville to speak with Wendell Scott's family

NBC Sports' Petty did interviews for 'Coffee with Kyle'

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville had a special guest Thursday. Kyle Petty, former stock car racing driver and current NBC Sports broadcaster, was in town. 

Petty had a sit down with Wendell Scott's son and grandson about his contributions to the sport. Wendell was one of the first African America drivers in NASCAR and the first to win a race at NASCAR's highest level. Though he passed away in 1990, his family, as well as Petty, is keeping his legacy alive. 

"We did a live taping of NBC Sports 'Coffee with Kyle.' So we're here with Mr. Kyle Petty, good friend of the family, fortunate to have him come to Danville and do some taping," said Scott's grandson Warrick Scott Sr.

"We had a ball. We had a series of questions and went into some deep areas some sensitive areas about my father's legacy and things he had to endure and the lack of support that he sometimes had to deal with and his determination and perseverance," said Scott's son Franklin Scott Sr.

"He paved, he opened that door a long time ago only two people have followed really so that upper echelon of the sport and that's Bill Lester and Bubba Wallace right now but I think there needs to be a light shown on that," added Petty.