HOKIES MAKE HISTORY- AGAIN: ‘We believe that’s all that matters’

Virginia Tech is heading to the Final Four for the first time ever

For the second time this season, the confetti has fallen on Virginia Tech, marking maybe the best first yet: a Final Four berth. That’s never happened in school history.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” guard Georgia Amoore said. “The ACC tournament was great, but this is absolutely beautiful.”

How do you bask in the sweetness of victory, if there’s no belief? Don’t ask the Hokies. Belief was never off the table.

“You don’t have to believe,” forward Taylor Soule said. “We believe, that’s all that matters.”

Virginia Tech’s win over Ohio State in the Elite 8 puts them in the history books once again. No women’s basketball team has ever made it to the Final Four.

“The maturity level of this group, they don’t get angry, they read it, they’re knowledgeable,” head coach Kenny Brooks said. “They’re very, very smart, but they don’t go out and try to prove people wrong. We’re trying to prove ourselves right.”

Once again, transfers like Taylor Soule, bought into a vision on a visit, seeing it come to life before their eyes.

“Everybody keeps telling me thank you T-Soule for coming here. I’m like thank them. Thank you for having me,” she said to Brooks. “for pushing me, I’m a Hokie, who would’ve thought? I’m a Hokie for life.”

So, as one of the final four teams left in the country, has this win sunk in yet?

“I think this has more than any of the other things,” Center Liz Kitley said. “Yeah, it feels really good, and we all wanted to so bad.”

Next up for Virginia Tech, they will hop on a plane at 9 AM Tuesday morning and head to Dallas. That’s where they face LSU on Friday in the Final Four.

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