Hokie nation, special culture guide Kitley and King back for 5th season

‘Getting an opportunity for another [year] is not something I wanted to pass up’

Liz Kitley poses for pictures after the team returns from the Final Four (WSLS)

BLACKSBURG, Va. – After a historic season, it is indeed time to get back to work for the Virginia Tech Women’s hoops team. As always, that work starts with restructuring the roster and it’s always a good sign when familiar faces stick around.

Liz Kitley and Cayla King have been teammates for nearly 8 years now, dating back to their high school days, and they’ll have another year in Blacksburg together. The duo announced earlier this week that they’d be back for a fifth season. The competition and the chance to have another special year were only part of the reason we’ll see them next season.

“I think it’s just honestly Hokie nation, being here for 4 years and getting an opportunity for another is not something I wanted to pass up,” King said on Friday.

“Just to be able to have the opportunity to be somewhere for another year where I know I’m loved and appreciated and where I know I can get better, have a great support system, and be surrounded by amazing people,” Kitley said. “I would feel very sad if I knew I left that unfinished to its full capacity.”

“Very proud of how they handled it. Very happy that they’re back,” said Virginia Tech head coach Kenny Brooks. “They’ve done so much for the program other than what they’ve done on the court. The way they lead is spectacular. They’ve taken bits and pieces from people before them and made it even better. But there was never any pressure.”

Kitley and King said their decisions to return weren’t based on one another but rather two independent decisions that happen to be in favor of each of them personally and for Hokie nation.

Virginia Tech will have three returning starters including Georgia Amoore, coupled with a top 15 recruiting class coming in. Coach Brooks said he hopes to add 3 or 4 players from the transfer portal to complement next season’s team.

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