RECORD BROKEN: 2020 breaks record for most named storms in a tropical season

Subtropical Storm Theta developed over open waters Monday night

List of storm names using the Greek alphabet in 2020

ROANOKE, Va. – The Atlantic hurricane season traditionally ends on November 30th, and this is usually the time of year when we see tropical activity dwindling. Like most things in 2020, this hurricane season has been far from normal.

In fact, Subtropical Storm Theta formed over the open Atlantic Monday night. That’s the 29th named storm of the season, which breaks the record of 28 set back in 2005.

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Fortunately, this storm is not a threat to us. However, Eta’s moisture will give us rain Wednesday and Thursday.

There is one more storm to watch in the Caribbean that the National Hurricane Center says has a 60% chance of developing within the next five days.

Chance of tropical development within the next five days - 11/10/2020

If that storm gets a ‘name,’ it would be the Greek letter, Iota. (There would still be 15 names to go in order for us to run out of the Greek alphabet. Simply put, that ain’t happening.)

List of storm names using the Greek alphabet in 2020

Iota (if it were to form) would make the 30th named storm during the 2020 season. Even though the 2020 season has broken the record for most named storms, it’s important to note that the 2005 season was more intense.

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