Whipping wind, bitter cold and (mostly) mountain snow to follow winter storm

The strong wind behind Sunday’s winter storm drives more mountain snow and bitter chill into the area Monday

ROANOKE, Va. – The winter storm that brought a mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain is still leaving a mark on our area Monday. Aside from the slick and icy roads, we’re left with high wind gusts at times throughout the day Monday.

The video below is from Virginia Today:

At their strongest, gusts will peak between about 30 and 50 miles-per-hour. This could lead to power outages and snapped limbs. Make sure you have a charged phone and extra blankets just in case.

Peak wind gusts Monday, 1/17/2022

This wind will also drive more snow into the west-facing slopes throughout the day Monday.

However, it’s possible that we see more accumulation in parts of the Highlands and New River Valley as well. That’s especially the case in the western halves of Highland, Grayson, Bland and Wythe Counties.

Snow mostly targets the west-facing slopes Monday

In addition, this also will lead to bitter wind chills throughout the day. Despite the thermometer reading temperatures in the 30s, wind chills will only be in the single digits and teens much of the day.

Estimated wind chills Monday

Tuesday looks much calmer and brighter, thanks to high pressure overhead. As that moves east, temperatures rise by Wednesday afternoon into the 40s (and some 50s possible).

A cold front Wednesday evening will bring rain and some mountain snow.

Cold front to bring mostly rain Wednesday evening

That front likely stalls just to our east, though, as Arctic air moves in from the west. In cases like this, we often see storm systems ride up from the south along these fronts. With Arctic air in place, that means the chance for additional wintry weather late Friday into Saturday.

Snow possibly returns late Friday into Saturday

Other than that, details are scarce. Just know that we’re keeping an eye on that part of the weather pattern as well. Download our app for the latest forecasts and alerts.

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