Bundle up to keep the wind chill away

It feels about 10 degrees cooler than average to end the week

ROANOKE, Va. – Rain is done with us for a few days and in its place high winds arrive. Sustained winds to 20 mph last through the afternoon, and even after winds start to drop there is still a breeze overnight.

Wind gusts to 40 mph are possible until 5:00 PM

Those winds pair up with cooler air coming behind Thursday’s cold front. Highs are around 50 Friday but feel about 10 degrees cooler in most spots thanks to the wind chill.

Wind chills Friday afternoon are about 10 degrees cooler than the actual temperature west of the Parkway

Wind chills are particularly cold Saturday morning. Lows are in the 20s for most, and it doesn’t take much wind at those temperatures to feel colder.

Wind chills drop to the teens in some spots Saturday morning

Friday warms up into the 50 degree range and highs are similar on Saturday. Sunday afternoon stays colder than the days before it due to the cloudy skies coming with our next cold front.

Temperatures are cooler than average for the first time in a while Sunday

That front brings some showers early in the day. The cold air causes a wintry mix from Roanoke to the north and west.

Cold temperatures early in the day make wintry mix more likely

Warmer afternoon temperatures keep more of the precipitation as rain. Rain covers more area by 8:00 PM and lingers into Monday morning.

Precipitation is more widespread by 8:00 PM with less freezing rain or sleet

Next week starts on a wet note. Most of the rain falls Sunday with some isolated showers both Monday and Tuesday. The next large system arrives Wednesday with even more rain.

Showers linger after the front comes through Sunday

The series of cold fronts after the middle of the month keeps temperatures close to average. Some days dip below average by a few degrees. It will be a while before temperatures are as far from average as they were earlier this week.

Temperatures are much closer to average next week than we were this week

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