Sunshine makes for a comfortable Saturday afternoon

Temperatures warm quickly after sunrise

Highs in the low-to-mid 50s are a tad above average this time of year

ROANOKE, Va. – If you’re looking forward to less wind you don’t have long to wait today. Friday’s winds gusted as high as 40 mph, but today wind gusts are hard to come by. After sunrise most winds stay under 10 mph.

Wind speeds drop soon after sunrise, and with a nice warm up wind chill is not a factor after 9:00 AM

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Another change from Friday is our warming pattern. Most highs Friday were early with a consistent cooldown the rest of the day. Saturday brings us to a more standard pattern: sunshine puts our highs in the mid-afternoon.

Temperatures follow a more standard warming pattern Saturday as opposed to Friday's early high

Sunshine does a great job of warming us up. Highs Saturday are about 30 degrees warmer than morning lows. More sunshine Sunday brings those highs up even further.

Saturday is the cooler day this weekend, but both are above average

Sunday’s warmth does bring in a few showers. These are few and far enough between that you can still spend time outside. Monday’s showers are light as well before Tuesday brings rain that lasts Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Sunday's showers are spotty so most of this weekend stays pleasant

The rain headed our way does not bring colder air. Temperatures keep warming all the way through Thursday. Even after a strong cold front at the end of the week the heat we build up earlier keeps us at or above average.

We climb as high as 20 degrees above average later this week with lots of warm air coming our way

Tuesday’s cold front causes rain that afternoon and night. Temperatures can’t warm quite as much because of some cold air but we are still a bit warmer Tuesday than Monday.

Tuesday's cold front brings showers without cooling us much

After that front lots of warm air slides in. Highs reach the 70s in some spots. That air carries moisture that causes clouds and a few showers. The cold front to our west clears us up and cools us down Friday.

Warm air swoops in from the south pushing highs into the 70s later in the week

Even after the cold front temperatures stay above average. Warm air lasts as we approach the end of the month.

Temperatures stay well above average for us as we reach the last days of the month

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