Rain causes a short-lived dip in temperatures

Cooling off from the record highs the past few days

Winds gust as high as 30 mph this afternoon

ROANOKE, Va. – If you loved Thursday’s heat then you’re in for some generally good news. It won’t be quite as warm going ahead, but most of the next seven days are above average. Saturday is the one exception: highs are limited to the 30s and lower 40s.

Friday’s temperatures stay stable during the daylight hours. Cold air and sunshine compete with each other to keep temperatures close to 60. Colder air wins out after sunset bringing lows into the 20s and 30s.

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Temperatures are remarkably consistent during the afternoon before cooler air reaches us tonight

Temperatures can’t warm up much Saturday thanks to cloud cover and rain coming in. Saturday is the only day ahead where the clouds keep us so much cooler than the days around it.

Temperatures are at their coolest this week Saturday morning

Thursday’s warm air kept clouds in the sky and brought highs into the 70s. The same system that brought our warmth causes the end-of-week cooldown.

Thursday's pattern kept temperatures well above average

Cold air and wind arrive as this system’s cold front comes through. Wind gusts to 30 mph are possible through 4:00 PM. Even though winds are calmer overnight the cold air they pair with means extra cold wind chills. Some spots in the Highlands feel like the teens.

Wind and cold air slide in after yesterday's cold front

There is a warm front coming our way Saturday, but we have a hard time actually getting the thermometer to rise. The moisture the front brings causes clouds and some showers through the day. That cloud cover keeps the sunshine away so highs are only a bit warmer than lows.

A warm front brings us clouds and showers this weekend

Temperatures are cold enough early in the day to cause some wintry mix. That mix is still light so you can get out early if you need.

Saturday starts with showers and a wintry mix thanks to cold in the Highlands and Roanoke zones

By the afternoon slightly warmer temperatures keep showers liquid. Most of us are done with rain after 3:00 PM.

Warmer temperatures keep precipitation liquid through the afternoon

Rain totals are light across the board with the most accumulation in the Highlands.

Rain totals are light across the area

Temperatures bounce back nicely Sunday. We start in the 30s with a mix of sun and clouds. That sounds like a recipe for cold, but even mixed sunshine helps us warm quickly. Highs are back to the 60s Sunday and stay that way through the week.

The cooldown is short-lived: temperatures bounce right back Sunday

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