Clouds and showers keep us feeling wintry

Temperatures are below average after a long warm stretch

Cloudy skies keep temperatures stable through the day

ROANOKE, Va. – Saturday is the one wintry day we have for the rest of the month. Temperatures end up below average thanks to thick clouds preventing sunshine from getting to us.

Early morning showers are spotty but spread quickly after sunrise

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Those clouds develop rain early in the day. Showers start around sunrise with isolated pieces of rain. Just a few hours later those showers are more widespread.

Showers and wintry mix are widespread by 10:00 AM

Temperatures are cold enough in the morning for a wintry mix to form in the Highlands and Roanoke zones. Showers are consistently liquid south of US-460. Even with wider coverage in the late morning the showers are light enough that you can get outside if you need to.

Most of the wintry mix from the morning turns liquid by midday

Showers concentrate south in the early afternoon. We start drying from north to south; most of us are done with rain by 4:00 PM.

We dry out by 4:00 PM and stay dry until the work week starts

Clouds stick around for a few hours after the rain is done, but after 8:00 PM skies are a mix of clear skies and clouds.

Rain totals stack up most in the Highlands

Rain totals are low today for all of us, but towns in the north and west have the best chance of getting more than a quarter-inch.

Clouds hold our temperatures down all day

Friday night sent cold air our direction so lows ended up in the 30s. The cloudy skies restrict our temperatures; most highs end up in the 40s. This is the one cool day we have through the end of February and the start of March. We are back above average starting next week.

February is shaping up to follow January's above average pattern

High temperatures feel like spring even though we have a few weeks left of winter. Days ahead with sunshine or clouds still reach well above average.

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