Chilly and dry this weekend after Friday’s front

Wind chill brings us to the single digits in some spots Sunday morning

Cold air moves in from Friday night through Sunday afternoon

ROANOKE, Va. – There are only two full days of winter left, and the season certainly feels cold as it says goodbye. Temperatures fall behind Friday’s cold front, and high winds make it feel particularly chilly.

Spring brings much more comfortable temperatures

There is enough sunshine to warm up some Saturday. That sun has to fight against colder air coming in. Cold generally wins out keeping Saturday’s highs close to 10 degrees lower than Friday’s.

Cooler air keeps us about 10 degrees cooler than Friday

Wind gusts picked up to 30 mph behind the front. Winds stay that high right through Saturday night and into Sunday.

Gusts as high as 30 mph are possible overnight

The wind itself isn’t one of the worst this month, but when paired with lows in the teens and 20s it makes for an uncomfortable Sunday morning.

Temperatures fall into the 20s for most with a few teens

Wind chills are almost all below 20 by sunrise Sunday. In the Highlands and NRV most wind chills are below 10 degrees. The best way to protect against this cold is covering up well: the less exposed skin, the less ability wind has to take away body heat.

Stay safe by covering up if you go out early Sunday

There is more sun in store Sunday afternoon. Highs drop another 10 degrees making Sunday the coldest day of the week ahead.

Cool air keeps coming through the weekend

Temperatures start warming Monday and keep that trend most of the week. We end up in the 60s for highs by Thursday. Spring is welcoming us with gentle weather. Even when showers come late in the week storms are unlikely.

We rise from well-below to above average as spring starts

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