Spring starts tomorrow, but stay warm today

Highs around 40 and lows around 20 keep us feeling chilly to end the season

Monday morning is one of the coldest in the last few weeks

ROANOKE, Va. – We are still dealing with cold air behind Friday’s front. That cold brought lows to the 20s in most spots Sunday morning, and our highs are limited to the 40s.

This last day of winter is well below average

Winds picked up behind the front keeping us feeling extra cold. The wind speed finally drops after sunset Sunday evening. Most speeds are under 10 mph Sunday night.

Winds finally ease off in the last hours of the weekend

Cold air keeps coming through Sunday. Temperatures fall into the 20s and teens overnight. Even though winds are calmer be sure to dress warmly early Monday.

Lows are particularly cold in the NRV

Spring technically kicks off with the planetary equinox Monday afternoon. From Monday all the way until the next equinox in September we have more than 12 hours of sunshine each day.

The first few days of spring are much more comfortable than this weekend

The first days of the season stay dry, but showers return Wednesday. There are light to moderate shower chances from then through the end of the week.

The week starts on a dry note with limited showers later

The consistent warmth through winter helped many plants bloom early, and with more heat in spring pollen will spread even further. There is not much relief from pollen any day this week even with showers on the way.

Whether it's sunny or cloudy, warm or cool we still have plenty of pollen

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