Novembrrr! Wind, cold air set the scene for a wintry feel at times Wednesday

Some snow flurries are spilling into parts of the New River Valley and Highlands early Wednesday morning

ROANOKE, Va. – Now that Halloween is over, some of you are in the Thanksgiving and Christmas/holiday season spirit. The weather is too!

A gusty wind is carrying over some snow flurries into parts of the New River Valley and Highlands Wednesday morning.

That same wind, however, makes the firefight difficult on Parrott Mountain.

Wind speed and wind gust forecast Wednesday, 11/1/2023

Once the wind calms down late at night into Thursday morning, temperatures will drop well into the 20s - nearing record territory.

Record cold possible first thing Thursday morning

Friday and Saturday mornings will see frost and temperatures below freezing too, but the afternoons will trend a bit warmer.

Afternoons trend warmer heading into the weekend

In fact, afternoon highs will reach the upper 60s and lower 70s this coming weekend.

So, why the wild swings in temperatures?

Why temperatures swing back and forth in October and November

That will happen often this time of year. We lose daylight quickly to the north, while there’s still plenty of warmth leftover to the south.

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