‘Dude, where’s my snow?!’ Another (mostly) flakeless February in Southwest Virginia

Nearly two-thirds of surveyed weather stations are reporting less snow than they did decades ago

ROANOKE, Va. – So far, the winter of 2023-2024 has been another disappointment to snow-lovers. We’ve had plenty of storm systems sweep through Virginia, but the cold air has been lacking most of the winter.

[ANOTHER COLD FRONT brings rain, wind, a drop in temperatures ... but no snow.]

That lack of snow may not necessarily be a fluke either, according to recent data from Climate Central. More than 2,000 weather stations were surveyed, and 64% of them reported less snow than just a few decades ago.

64% of surveyed stations reported less snow than just a few decades ago.

A current snow analysis shows that roughly 14% of the Continental U.S. has snow on the ground, which is pitifully low for this time of year.

Current snow depth as of 2/26/2024 shows a lack of snow in the Continental U.S.

Aside from one week in January, widespread snow has avoided our area like the plague.

[IF WE EVER DO SEE SNOW, send us your pictures and videos through Pin It!]

Most of us are six to twelve inches below normal on snowfall, and the Roanoke Valley has gone without snow for the second straight February.

Climatologically speaking, February is the snowiest month on record in our area. The last time we went back-to-back Februarys without snow in the Roanoke Valley was in the winter of 1998-1999.

As the old saying goes, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” She might just be warming up her vocal cords, though.

On average, eleven percent of our annual snow comes in March, and the beginning of the month looks warmer than average.

Here is a month-by-month breakdown of our climatological snow.

With a warmer winter, we’re seeing trees budding weeks ahead of schedule in parts of our area.

Spring leaves have begun showing up weeks ahead of schedule.

This leads to a longer spring pollen season, among other things like pests.

Fortunately, this past weekend (and several others) was good for some local ski resorts. Pictured below is a post made by Wintergreen Resort after natural snow and optimal snow-making conditions.

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