Daytime Kitchen: Oktoberfest At Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint

Find out what you can expect for Oktoberfest this year

ROANOKE – Chaz and Brandon are in the Daytime Kitchen with a delicious recipe for German Beer Brat, and their popular Greg Brady Burger.  Find out what you can expect for the Oktoberfest event, and more!



German Beer Brat:

We take a traditional bratwurst, get a good sear on each side, then finish in a pot of steaming Oktoberfest brew for a few minutes (we will be using Celebrator Doppelbock for the show today instead of an Oktoberfest, for ease of travel). 

We toast an Italian sub roll, while searing and heating up the sauerkraut on the grill. Also with a touch of German beer for good measure.

When our Brat is ready, we add it to the toasted bun, zig zag spicy deli mustard over it, and top with our fresh hot sauerkraut.
Only available once a year (this weekend) during our Oktoberfest celebration!

The Greg Brady (burger):

Start with one of our quarter pound 100% Wagyu beef burgers, cooked to perfection on or grill.

Then topped with macaroni and cheese we make in house everyday (secret recipe!), a slice of American-cheddar cheese, and Martin's Wavy BBQ potato chips.

Served on a warm toasted Martin's potato roll! 
Available everyday at Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint