Crazy busy, but still motivated? This workout was made for you

Finding the time to get a workout in can be so hard most days.

There are a ton of reasons that might be getting in the way, and that’s why with the limited free time we have, it’s always nice to feel like we’re using and investing that time wisely.

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Certified personal trainer Amber Ross suggests the best way to do that when exercising is to get a high-intensity interval training workout in and push yourself hard, hitting all the muscle groups.

In the spirit of being short on time, we’ll get right to the workout.

Do the following workouts -- implementing weights if possible -- and then repeat at least three times (or more, depending on what kind of time you have):

1. 20 hip thrusts -- Lie with your back flat on the surface of a riser or bench, about 12-14 inches high, with your knees bent, your legs parallel to the ground and your feet resting on the floor about hip width apart. Dip your hips toward the ground and then slowly thrust them into the air while tensing your glute and leg muscles.

2. 20 burpees -- From a standing position, place your hands on the floor between your feet, jump your feet back to a full plank, do a pushup, hop back up on your feet and jump up. (If you'd like to start with a modified version, you can remove the pushup and/or the squat jump).

3. 20 sumo squats -- With your feet out about twice your shoulder width, turn your toes and knees outward about 45 degrees. Hold your abs in and keep your back straight as you bend your knees and move downward and back upward while flexing your glute and leg muscles.

4. Jump rope or high knees -- Instead of counting reps here, you can set a timer. Try one complete minute of jumping rope or high knees for each set.

5. 20 skater lunges (on each side) -- Standing, leap to the right and cross your left foot back behind you to land in a deep lunge as you swing your left arm in front of you and your right arm behind you. Then reverse sides. Make sure to keep your back straight and your core tight.

6. Dips -- Sit on a bench, and with palms facing down on either side of your hips, grasp the edge of the bench and move your bottom just off the bench. Keep your legs extended with a slight bend in the knee and feet on the ground. You’ll then bend your elbows as you move your body in an up and down motion toward the ground.

After you complete the first round, immediately start from the top and go through the list at least twice more.

Not sure exactly what these exercises look like? Check these out for a quick demonstration: hip thrusts | burpees | sumo squats | high knees | skater lunges | dips.

All of the exercises above can be done with body weight or, as you become more comfortable, you can incorporate weights if you have them.

Do you have a favorite exercise for HIIT workouts? Tell us in the comments below.

This story was first published in 2020. It has since been updated.

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