Tasty Tuesday: Three local spots you have to try on National Sticky Bun Day

It’s National Sticky Bun Day! Here are three places we’ve tried that do them right

ROANOKE, Va. – National Sticky Bun Day is a legit day, and it’s one we’re more than okay with celebrating. Let’s take you on a sticky bun tour across our area in this edition of Tasty Tuesday.

1. Sugar & Flour - Pearisburg

Sugar & Flour is a popular spot in downtown Pearisburg - one we had the pleasure of visiting in the summer of 2022. Sarah McCroskey tells us she measures with her heart, baking everything from bagels to cookies and cakes.

Little did you know, the cinnamon rolls are her best-seller!

Between the freshly made dough, some butter and a blend of cinnamon and sugar - you can’t go wrong!

2. Crumbles - Roanoke

It was at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic when we visited Ruben Liendo and his store, Crumbles, in downtown Roanoke.

It was then that he told us, “Crumbles is my reinvention and reinventing myself. At one point I lost it all. I hit rock bottom. And I knew at one point I wanted to get up and do it again.”

After making it through the worst of the pandemic, Crumbles stuck around. Its menu has expanded, but the main purpose has stayed - the cinnamon rolls.

“We do use a little something different, and that’s the sugarcane as a glaze. Once they come out of the oven, we put the glaze on it, and it gives that particular taste to it.”

3. Cinn City Gourmet Buns & Beignets - Lynchburg

You can’t mention cinnamon buns without talking about Lynchburg’s ‘Cinn City.’

These custom creations will blow your mind, starting with options like, “Cookie monster, chocolate razzmatazz, coffee crunch, blueberry lemonade.”

The dough proofs for 45 minutes before being baked to perfection for ten minutes. Once cooled, it’s on to the toppings.

“Here, you can choose how you want it. You can choose your own frosting, your own flavors. So it’s totally unique.”

Calories don’t count, so be sure to pay a visit and treat yourself to any one of these three spots on National Sticky Bun Day

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