Virginia Tech students react to student gun lockers and policy of guns on campus

Guns and ammo are banned on most American college campuses, including Virginia Tech, where a former student was arrested Monday on an illegal weapons charge.

Yunsong Zhao was storing that firearm legally in a student gun locker at the school. 

According to the Virginia Tech's code of conduct, "Unauthorized possession, storage, or control of firearms and, weapons on university property is prohibited, including storing weapons in vehicles on campus as well as in the residence halls. Furthermore, ammunition cannot be stored in any residence halls on campus."


Some students say they're familiar with this policy.

"I did some research because I own two firearms at home, a shotgun and rifle. And I know you're not allowed to have any firearms or ammunition on campus. But you can store them at the police station," Gabriel Morris said.

Morris left his guns in his home state of South Carolina.

"I will be living off campus next year partially because I want to bring them with me," Morris said. 

According to Virginia Tech's website:

"Any student who wishes to bring a firearm and/or ammunition to campus must store the firearm and/or ammunition at the Virginia Tech police department. the department maintains a secure locked area within the department for firearm/ammunition storage purposes."

Students are required to check in and check out their guns and ammunition at the public safety building on campus.
"I knew you were not allowed to keep guns on campus or in dorms but I didn't know we had the gun lockers nearby," Myranda Holden said.  


"I think we have a right to have them. So it's good they set up a policy and parameters that we're able to use them in a safe way," Braydon Venus said. 

Both campus police and the university declined an interview for a walk-through process of the student gun lockers on campus.