Owner of bed and breakfast where Sarah Huckabee Sanders stayed speaks after incident at The Red Hen

LEXINGTON, Va. – After this weekend, Good Place Farms Bed and Breakfast in Lexington is in the national spotlight.

Justin Peery, the owner of the bed and breakfast, heard about Sarah Huckabee Sanders' experience at The Red Hen soon after she and her family settled in.

The Red Hen owner resigns as executive director of Main Street Lexington

"She became a guest of Good Place Farms. She wasn't the press secretary. We didn't treat her differently," said Peery.

The Red Hen's owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, asked Sanders to leave because of her affiliation with the president. Peery said that he was surprised and saddened by the encounter.

"Our motto here is no matter where you come from, no matter your race or creed, no matter what you believe in, when your feet go under our table, we will serve you," said Peery.

Republican Party of Virginia calls for boycott of The Red Hen

There are mixed reactions about the incident at The Red Hen. An online poll calling for Wilkinson to resign from her position as executive director with Main Street Lexington has gone viral. But a few days after it was posted, the entire Facebook page was deleted.

The majority believe she should not be allowed to keep the job.

Red Hen owner speaks after Sarah Sanders says they told her to leave

"I understand the feelings of the owner not wanting to serve someone that supports all of the Trump issues, but it's a free country and if I came into the restaurant, I would want to be served," said Robert Merchant, a nearby resident.

Back at the farm, Peery was hoping his guests had a good time at Good Place.

"We wanted to be sure that she knew that no matter what, we're a caring community, we're a caring group of people that welcome anybody," said Peery.

Calls were made to the visitors' center and Lexington's mayor for a comment, but no calls have been returned.

Trump insults restaurant that booted Sarah Sanders

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