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Missing 3-month-old added to statewide list of missing children

ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke 3-month-old baby reported missing from her mother's home in early September has been added to the Virginia Missing Children Information Clearinghouse, a list of missing children. 

"The Clearinghouse is just one more avenue outside an Amber Alert, outside the Endangered Child Alert that bring awareness to the children that are missing," said Corinne Geller, public relations manager for the Virginia State Police.

Arieanna Day was reported missing on September 11 from her mother's home on Hanover Avenue.

Since then, police announced "that circumstances related to Arieanna Day indicate that she is most likely deceased."

Day's father, Andrew Terry, has been the only person arrested and charged in connection with this case. Terry was charged in connection with the illegal disposal of a body. 

Being added to the Clearinghouse list is a chance for Arieanna's story to reach more people in Virginia and beyond.

"All that is then facilitated into one listing and that is shared with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. So, it is not only on a statewide but a national level," said Geller. 

The list Day was added to is managed by Virginia State Police and aims to "help find missing children, reduce sexual exploitation and prevent child victimization." 

"Sadly there are children that have been on there for decades. They've just never been located," said Geller. 

We spoke with Roanoke City Police about this case. A spokesperson said the investigation is ongoing and officers are continuing to search for Arieanna.


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