World War II veteran stands proud at Virginia's Veterans Day Parade

Jim Warren, 94, one of only two WWII veterans at parade

ROANOKE, Va. – As the Veterans Day Parade passed through downtown Roanoke in grand fashion, thousands across southwest Virginia paid their respects to hundreds of veterans.

Jim Warren, 94, stands proud, being one of only two World War II veterans at the parade.

“We are dying at approximately 500 World War II veterans a day,” Warren said.

Warren, who served as a signal corps photographer in the U.S. Army, hopes younger generations will remember why so many served.

“To be aware of the fact that we were willing to stop doing what we were doing to protect this country,” Warren said.

Alex Horster, a veteran of the Marine Corps, who served as a helicopter pilot, likes the adrenaline rush he gets through this celebration of patriotism.

“I'm proud to have served this country. I really appreciate everybody that comes out to support the veterans,” Horster said.

Spectators didn't hold back showing their gratitude for the service of military veterans.