No charges will be filed after threat at Staunton River High School deemed unsubstantiated

Sheriff's Office says it will continue to work with Bedford County Schools

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – The Bedford County Sheriff's Office says it will not charge anyone after investigating threats at Staunton River High School.

Investigators reviewed the case with the Bedford County Commonwealth’s Office and determined that the alleged threat lacked merit and was unsubstantiated. 

Just one week into the new school year a possible threat on social media left students concerned. 

"They were like this one kid wants to shoot up the school and there were things on Facebook," Madison Crow, 10th grader, said. 

Tuesday morning 150 to 200 students did not show up for class. 

Crow went to school, but spent her hours begging her mom, Allison Crow, to pick her up. 

"I was like mom can you come pick me up? I don't feel safe," Madison said.

"They're scared and I think that it's OK that they went home," Allison Crow said.

The Sheriff’s Office says it will continue to work with the Bedford County School System in ensuring that schools are a safe learning environment.

"They couldn't tell us but I know he was here this morning at school. And the cops took care of it," Madison said. 

Deputies were seen on campus patrolling by foot and car. 

"I mean it's so early in the year. There's not really a lot of drama yet, so I don't know what caused all his anger or whatever's going on in his head," Madison said. 

The principal sent parents a statement assuring them campus is safe and safety is their priority. 
As for the parents like Allison who believe this statement is true, 

"I'm glad there wasn't a shooting. And I hope that these kids will get help and can talk to somebody," Allison said.



Authorities say they have identified the person they believe made the possible threat at Staunton River High School. 

According to deputies, the person is currently being interviewed at the Bedford County Sheriff's Office. 


The Bedford County Sheriff's Office is investigating at Staunton River High School after a Facebook post Monday night with a possible threat, according to school spokesperson Ryan Edwards.

Edwards says after working with the Sheriff's Office to investigate, they believe there's no credibility to the threat.

He says that as of 10:30 a.m., between 150 and 200 students did not show up for school today. 

There is an increased police presence on campus and around Bedford County as the investigation continues.

We are working to get more information from the Sheriff's Office.

Below is a statement from Dr. Josh Cornett, principal of Staunton River High School, to parents: 

"I want to inform you that a post was issued on social media last night stating a possible threat at SRHS. We have been closely working with the Bedford County Sherrif's Office since learning of this threat to investigate all concerns. I want to ensure you we are confident that our campus is safe and will continue to put student safety as our top priority. Also, we always appreciate our community being vigilant. Please don't hesitate to let the school and Sheriff's Office know if you learn of any additional information. We are looking forward to a smooth Tuesday with the dedicated help of our law enforcement team." 

This is a breaking news story and we will update it as more details become available.

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