Man brings llama to sister’s wedding

A five-year promise delivered, much to a bride’s chagrin.

Mendl Weinstock brought a llama to his sister, Riva’s wedding.

The gag started five years ago, when Mendl says Riva was talking endlessly about her future wedding in a car ride with friends.

So, he blurted out that if he had to go, he was bringing a llama with him.

Thinking that it was just a joke, Riva accepted.

Fast forward five years, and Mendl held up the promise.

He rented a llama, named Shockey, for $400, and even had a custom tuxedo made.

While the llama had to stay outside the wedding hall, Riva’s friend was in on the joke -- and placed two inflatable llamas at the sweetheart table.

Riva says her brother definitely made her wedding memorable, and that she’s already started planning her revenge.