Episode 3: ‘Get Fit with Britt’ helps you get abs at home

Hey Insiders and happy Fourth of July!

A strong core helps to support and stabilize your body, so remember to add ab-strengthening exercises to your regular fitness routine to improve your total body strength and move better. Here are two ab-focused routines you can do at home to fire up your core:

We’ve listed the workouts below, but make sure to watch this month’s episode to see how to do each movement!

Workout No. 1

3 Rounds

10 Sit Ups

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Russian Twists

10 Superman

Workout No. 2

2-Minute Plank Challenge

:30 Plank

:30 Side Plank

:30 Side Plank

:30 Plank

It’s okay to modify these workouts as needed! For example, in Workout #1, do one round instead of three, and add more rounds as you get stronger over time. Or with Workout #2, start by holding each plank for 10-20 seconds and add more time as you get stronger. You got this!

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