Episode 4: Get flexy with ‘Get Fit with Britt’

It’s time to talk mobility and flexibility in this edition of “Get Fit with Britt”!

Why, you ask?

  • Flexibility increases your mobility
  • Increased flexibility and mobility can help ward off injury
  • Regular flexibility and mobility work can decrease muscle soreness and joint pain
  • The greater your flexibility and mobility, the better you’ll move!

We often overlook mobility and flexibility work as a part of our fitness routines, but it is essential to incorporate stretches and exercises that focus on those areas of our health and wellness.

Judy and Merle Pierson join Brittny for this month’s episode. The Piersons are fitness enthusiasts and group fitness instructors at facilities across the New River Valley, including The Weight Club in Blacksburg and the Blacksburg Community Center. The couple has been inspiring people for decades with their fitness journey and helping share how to build fitness habits that last a lifetime. They’ll show us how to get flexy!

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